skips, GeoBoxes

We can provide skips, GeoBoxes…

Quotes, purchase and sale of your metallic waste

Quotes are produced on your request for all your metal waste and our repurchase prices for metal waste are indexed on the LME (London Metal Exchange).

London Metal Exchange

Analysis, weighing, identification

Waste management and traceability

Analysis, weighing, identification

Industrial site recycling

Industrial site recycling

Delegated management of your waste on your site by SOVAMEP staff.

Presence of a safety and security advisor from the SOVAMEP team to guarantee the best solution for road transport of hazardous goods.


Sovamep site in Muret

Services adapted to your requirements

•    Cutting and welding
•    Machine destruction with a destruction certificate
•    Turnkey waste management with supply of skips for each waste
•    Non-hazardous industrial waste
•    Paper, card, plastic

High performance equipment adapted to your requirements

•    Three 19-ton trucks
•    Two 26-ton trucks with trailers
•    1 truck with a tailgate
•    1 truck with an onboard shredder/crusher

Storage equipment:

•    1m3 Geobox
•    5m3 containers
•    Big Bags supplied with metal supports
•    20 to 30m3 open skips
•    Watertight skips

Sorting, storage at SOVAMEP

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Recycling & Valorisation metals and precious metals

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