Your partner in Italy for the recovery of precious metals

As part of the Sovamep group, Sovamep-Pevar Srl is a newborn company set up to serve the Italian market.
SOVAMEP PEVAR collects and recovers your waste. We analyse, classify and prepare all metals and alloys for foundries, steelworks and refineries.

We offer a recovery and recycling service for your non-ferrous metal waste. Our organization is specialized in the extraction and recovery of copper-based alloys, ie brass, zamak, alpaca, etc. having a galvanic surface treatment, or even copper-based granules containing precious metals, from operations of shredding and grinding of electrical and electronic components.

Thanks to a commercial agreement, the Italian market is followed directly by the Italian agency SOVAMEP PEVAR, based in the north-east. We offer a valid and attractive alternative on the national market, payment formulas that protect your work and aim to establish solid, lasting partnerships.


Damiano Liani


Precious metals and materials

  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals: copper, stainless steel, bronze, iron, aluminum, nickel, zinc, tin
  • Special metals such as cobalt or widiam tungsten alloys
  • Precious metals in the form of semi-finished products :
    • Non-ferrous alloys that have undergone galvanic Non-ferrous alloys which have undergone galvanic
    • Copper wire, palladium-plated, rhodium-plated, silver-plated or gold-plated
    • Copper-based granules from the shredding of removed electronic components containing precious metals
  • Disused and disused electrical and electronic components : electronic boards, cables, components (pins, madonnas, terminals, processors, etc.), relays, switches, etc.

Our commitment

  • Environmental system authorized by law
  • Financial guarantee for payments and industrial copyright protection
  • Technical-administrative consultancy in terms of environmental practices and fiscal destruction of the warehouse

Sectors of intervention

Traders of metals and non-ferrous metal alloys, aeronautical industries, fashion accessories and small metal parts, electronics, mechanics and information technology.

Contact us

Manager Mr. Damiano Liani

Tel. +39 3771174569