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Our team has been specialising in the recycling and recovery of your ferrous and non-ferrous, special and precious metals for 18 years.

Your industrial production waste is a resource for your company. Our team specializes in the recycling and recovery of your ferrous and non-ferrous metals, special metals, precious metals and WEEE. VALDEME offers you a comprehensive, tailor-made solution for all your metal waste and CIW, providing you with suitable containers: Geo Boxes (small and large models), emplirol skips.


  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals: copper, stainless steel, bronze, iron, aluminum, etc.
  • Special metals: nickel base, cobalt
  • Precious metals: gold, silver, palladium
  • WEEE: components, racks, cables, processors, cards, etc.

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Your international development

Backed by the French group Sovamep, Valdeme has been based in Morocco for 18 years.Through our historical establishment and our knowledge of the Moroccan economic and regulatory fabric, we are a major partner in supporting companies in their international development. Our teams have been collecting and recycling industrial waste both on national territory and in free zones for 2 decades. We can also help you deploy throughout North Africa.

Our installation :

  • 1 HECTARE site located in Casablanca, close to the highway
  • A fleet of 6 VEHICLES
  • A team of 85 COLLABORATORS declared, equipped and trained.
  • We process 8,000 TONS OF NON-FERROUS METALS, 12,000 TONS OF IRON, 3,000 TONS OF CARTONS and 1,000 TONS OF WOOD every year.

Our commitments and certifications

We have set up a genuine environmental management system and obtained environmental certification from the Moroccan government.

We offer a financial guarantee and all confidentiality agreements.

We ensure the traceability of our production and all customs declarations and formalities.

We discharge temporary admissions.

“Common categorization
is recognition by the DGI and Moroccan Customs of the conformity and quality of the services we provide to companies.

“Environmental acceptability
is recognition by the Moroccan government of the conformity of the production and treatment site, given by the Ministry of the Environment.

Your industrial waste disposal site in Morocco

Would you like to open a waste disposal service on your own industrial site? Our know-how is at your service.

We place our qualified, trained and registered operators on your site, and provide comprehensive management (collection and recovery) of ferrous and non-ferrous metal waste, cardboard, plastics and wood.

Your turnkey industrial waste facility!

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